The Dosey Kit

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Create a beautiful daily pill routine + missing a dose will be a thing of the past. Plan you pills in the Easy Slide Pill Pouches, keep them organised & cute in the Pill Case, add daily pouches to the Wellness Wallet, pop the Wellness Wallet + Pill Box to the Wellness Bag for on-the-go!
How Many Pills Fit?

The Pill Case is designed to fit up-to 14 x Easy Slides and the Wellness Wallet fits approx 4 x Easy Slides. Each Easy Slide fits approx 30 pills (depending on the pill size).


The Pill CaseWellness Wallet®Easy Slide Pill Pouches + Wellness Bag are designed to work together.

+ Plan your pills in the Easy Slide Pill Pouches

+ Keep them organized + cute in the Pill Case

+ Add your daily pouches to the Wellness Wallet®

Pop the Wellness Wallet® in the Wellness Bag for on-the-go!


Dosey is designed to protect pills from light and moisture.

For optimal effect and quality, vitamins should be stored in a cool and dry place.

Always read the instructions for medication and vitamin storage.

How Many Pills Fit?


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Cruelty Free & Reusable

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Tracey Lehman

The Dosey Kit

Monica Columbia
It's ok

I use the envelopes in the small zipper pouch, and some of the pills got crushed which I was disappointed in. I'll also don't understand what the purpose of the part in the three pieces that has the purse look. Not sure what that's all about as it doesn't really hold more than the zipper pouch. I received the box as well which I think is nice, but it's a little difficult to pick up as when you touch the lead, it opens immediately.

Sally Myrick
Just what I was looking for

I love the look and function of my Daily Kit. So much better than bottles all over the counter

Monica Mowdy
I think it will help me stay organized.

Everything is wonderful. I got the box with the little bags that came with the labels. I also got the small zipper wallet for when I have to take my medicine with me however, the labels are flimsy and not very sturdy and my concern is they won’t last but I have a LabelMaker so I should be good.

Tammy Cullen

Daily Kit