Monthly Pill Kit

$120.00 AUD $142.00 AUD

The Pill Case Max + Easy Slide Pill Pouch Pack makes at-home pill organising, beautiful.

Perfect for organising monthly or four times a day.

Pill Case Max

+ 4 x Easy Slide Pill Pouch Packs (that's 28 pill pouches!)

How Many Pills Fit?

The Pill Case Max is designed to fit 28 x Easy Slide Pill Pouches, 7 in each section. Each pouch fits approx 30 pills (depending on the pill size).

Monthly Pill Kit

+ Vegan leather

+ Velvet lining

+ Comes in a Dosey bag


Dosey is designed to protect pills from light and moisture.

For optimal effect and quality, vitamins should be stored in a cool and dry place.

Always read the instructions for medication and vitamin storage.

How Many Pills Fit?
Monthly Pill Kit

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Customer Reviews

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Barb B
The Dosey Kit Sage

I purchased the Dosey Kit and Flask.
I love them. I originally purchased them to use when travelling but I can definitely see I’ll be using them much more more than that.
I had to contact customer service about a query I had and found them to be very helpful and prompt.
I was also very happy with delivery time.

Julie R
Ready and waiting

This is a game changer for me I pack them with all the medication I have and don’t have to worry about it for ages They are packed in easy to access pouches I can take at home or through in my back to have on the go The Pill case is cut sitting on the dresser and holds so many pouches I try to do two weeks at a time and there is still room to add more if I wanted to Love them!!!

Helen Bebbington

Daily Kit

Pamela Rightmyer
Perfect gift!

I bought for a friend rather than myself so I can only say that she was thrilled to receive the kit and very impressed with the quality.

The cutest medicine boxes ever

I absolutely love this so much I had to order the set. I have one of the zippered ones for travel and I love it so much I had to order the box and another because you know…. Options!!!!