• Dosey x WelleCo Travel Purse + Pill Pouches
  • Dosey x WelleCo Travel Purse + Pill Pouches
  • Dosey x WelleCo Travel Purse + Pill Pouches
  • Dosey x WelleCo Travel Purse + Pill Pouches
  • Dosey x WelleCo Travel Purse + Pill Pouches
  • Dosey x WelleCo Travel Purse + Pill Pouches
  • Dosey x WelleCo Travel Purse + Pill Pouches

Dosey x WelleCo Travel Purse + Pill Pouches

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Your everyday wellness is sorted with the Limited Edition Travel Purse in collaboration with WelleCo by Elle Macpherson.

Plan your pills for the week, add powders and non daily pills to the larger pouches and store other healthy items / medical scripts in the zip pocket.

9 x Pill Pouches Included.



➕ Vegan leather

➕ Monday to Sunday loops

➕ Seven soft touch EVA (BPA free) pill pouches (holds up-to 15 pills each, depending on pill size)

➕ Two large soft touch EVA pouches for pills / powders

➕ Large zip pocket for scripts, tampons, lip gloss, teaspoon etc

➕ Updated easy slide black metal zip

➕ Magnet closure

➕ 240 x 160 x 25mm

➕ Comes in a cotton drawstring bag


Dosey™ is designed to protect pills from light and moisture. Folding the Pill Purse helps keep the light out, and the pill pouches prevent air exposure.

For optimal effect and quality, vitamins should be stored in a cool and dry place.

Read the storage instructions for medications and vitamins. Blister pack pills may be cut out for organising.


Customer Reviews

Based on 222 reviews
Kimberly Hickerson (Woodway, US)
Love Dosey

This bundle is absolutely the best pill holder that I have purchased!

Hayley Mann (Melbourne, AU)
I love it

I struggled to keep up with my medication especially when I went away for the weekend. Now I can just grab this! It is so easy! I am impressed! This is my favourite purchase of 2022!

Alyssa Macchio (Northvale, US)

I think the concept is great! The product itself it really nice, but I think I would’ve benefited from something with a little more room. The pouches aren’t really made to hold a large amount of vitamins.

Anita Kelly (Brisbane, AU)
Excellent way to store my vitamins.

I love that I can leave this on my bench without it looking ugly or having pill bottles everywhere. Such a great option.

Michelle (Melbourne, AU)

These have been fantastic in helping me keep on track with all my supplements and medications that I now have to have with the added bonus of not losing my wallet lol

Savannah Simms (Las Vegas, US)
One less thing to worry about

I ordered for my mom because she is constantly forgetting her medication at home. But she didn’t want to look “old” and carry a pill box around. Now she can carry her medication discretely (she actually really liked the style) so she always has it close by. Thank you!

LoquaciousGinger (Cincinnati, US)
Love, Love, Love!

My family teased me when they saw that I had yet another pill organizer. I take 11 pills a day and two of them are for a neurological disorder, if I miss doses it can causes seizures. The flip side of that is that same neurological disorder causes memory issues. Did I mention I am ADD as all get out? I can never remember if I’ve taken my pills and those trackers on your phone that you have to mark that you took your pills, well they are great to remind me to take them but I never mark that I did. This is perfect because I always have them in my purse and I don’t go anywhere without it and at a glance I can tell if I took them or not. Not to mention that it has a great zipper pouch as well. I show everyone. I’m 38 and my favorite item right now is my pill organizer. Ooh, and that it doesn’t take up much room in my purse. Listen I can’t say enough good things about it on here so I will probably make a tiktok @LoquaciousGinger

Melissa Moody (Lansing, US)
Great idea

I love it!! I had a cute small one, but it just didn’t fit all my pills. This one could also turn into a clutch with a little zipper pouch to hold money/ credit cards. Very slim as well.

Customer (Denver, US)
Love this pill purse

Perfect for trips or really just anytime. Gorgeous and slim. I recommend this🤍