Pill Vase Canister


Store your pills in style!

The most beautiful canister you ever did see, looks stunning in your bathroom, kitchen or on your desk at work.

Glass ribbed vase canister with cork stopper. Pills Not Included.

Read the storage instructions for medications and vitamins. Store in a dark place with moister absorbers. 

PRE ORDER: The Pill Pouch Packs are expected by June 17. Order will be shipped after this date.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Taniya Fidge (Sydney, AU)
No point and very thin glass which is easily breakable

This could have been awesome. The glass is thin. 2 broke prior to delivery and one soon after. They also only lay flat, no way to have them upright without a high chance of it falling over. Pretty though which is unfortunate.

Kate (Brisbane, AU)
Super pretty!

These are gorgeous, a big step up from the ugly plastic bottles I’ve been using!

Reason I’ve deducted stars is because the bottoms seem to not be entirely flat so they knock over easily and the ripples in the glass aren’t straight which wouldn’t bother anyone that isn’t as OCD about decor as I am.

I’d still buy these again as they are much nicer than anything else on the market.

Aleisha (Sydney, AU)
So cute to store anything!

I keep my fav botanicals in here, it looks super cute ☺️

Yondette (Melton South, AU)
Cute way to store my pills

I really
Love these canisters. They’re not too fragile, and hold tonnes of pills. My only issue is that I don’t have a great place to store them so they’ve fallen over a few times and the kids come off quite easily. I wish they had a little spot to label them too. But I went back for more because I do love them.

Rachel (Melbourne, AU)
Gorgeous!! Love it!

I have multiple medications I have to take, and now vitamins. This little gem has been great to organise everything! Use to store my Vitable vitamins and habitual beauty elixir!!

C. (Adelaide, AU)

The beautiful pill canister fits easy in my handbag. I went away for 7 days and easily fit all my pills/vitimins in for the week.
And its quite cute 💗

Debbie Shaw (Brisbane, AU)

Love all of my products. The pill vases are just beautiful. I also wish I could buy a stand for these as they are delicate I would love to show of my pills.

Heidi (O'Connell, AU)
Love the vase, but I have one suggestion

I do love these vases, they are great for those who are visual organisers, who need to be able to see clearly how many pills they have before they need to go be a refill a script. They are also quite accessible in the fact that their lids are easy to open, so if you struggle with stuff like that, these are awesome.

The only thing I will deduct a star for is because I worry they might not be super durable. They are a beautiful fine glass vase, I could see these being very easy to knock over, shattering the glass and flinging pills everywhere.
I think if you sold a pill vase holder (think test tube rack), where these could be securely kept when not in use, and easy to slip out/pull up when needed. I would totally buy this if you sold these. I know this could greatly improve accessibility!

Stephanie (Blacktown, AU)
Very pretty storage idea

Love these containers, it is a very pretty way to organise and display supplements in a way that is uniform and reduces clutter. Make it easier to keep track of how much I have left also. The only concern is about the longevity of the contents, as the moisture and exposure to light may be an issue if not stored correctly.