• Wellness Wallet®
  • Wellness Wallet®
  • Wellness Wallet®
  • Wellness Wallet®
  • Wellness Wallet®
  • Wellness Wallet®
  • Wellness Wallet®
  • Wellness Wallet®
  • Wellness Wallet®
  • Wellness Wallet®

Wellness Wallet®

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The Wellness Wallet® is a compact daily wellness organiser, add pill sheets and Pill Pouches (not included) for easy organisation on-the-go.


Wellness Wallet

+ Designed to fit up-to 4 x Easy Slide Pill Pouches

+ Vegan leather

+ Metal zip

+ Comes in a Dosey bag

+ 8.5cm H x 10.5cm W

The Pill CaseWellness Wallet®Easy Slide Pill Pouches & Wellness Bag are designed to work together.

+ Organise your pills at home in the Easy Slide Pill Pouches

+ Keep them organised + cute in the Pill Case

+ Add your daily pouches to the Wellness Wallet®

+ Pop the Wellness Wallet® in the Wellness Bag for on-the-go!


Dosey™ is designed to protect pills from light and moisture.

For optimal effect and quality, vitamins should be stored in a cool and dry place.

Read the storage instructions for medications and vitamins. Blister pack pills may be cut out for organising.


Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Kari Baumgartner (Katy, US)
Wallet great, pull not so much

Love the wallet and individual packs but the zipper pull has issues. It is designed so that the leather pull falls off easily.
I’m afraid it’s only a matter of time before I lose it, it’s fallen off every time I’ve used it so far.

Shawn (Oakville, CA)
Pill Organizer

Love it!

HReese (Edmonton, CA)
Dosey excellence

These are perfect for travel! Great quality!! Highly recommend

Sarah F
Love these pill pouches!

I love these pill pouches and the wallet for carrying them! It takes up far less space in my bag than my old pill organizer. My only complaint is that the wallet truly only comfortably holds 5 pouches, so I can’t fit the full week in it. I’m just leaving Saturday and Sunday at home since I’m typically home on those days when I need to take my pills, but for travel purposes it would be great if an entire week would fit.

Emma (Sydney, AU)
Want more now in different colours!

This bag is so handy, stunning and beautiful quality! I pop my wellness wallet in there that already has my meds I need on the go packed in it! And then it has extra room to carry your phone, keys etc! 10/10! Now I just need it in more colours!

Emma (Sydney, AU)
No regrets!

I’ve been eying this companies products for so long as someone one with a chronic illness and a lot of medications. I finally bit the bullet and ordered a few things including this wallet and all I can say is I wish I bought it earlier! The quality is amazing, so practical and just makes taking your meds a lot less clinical which is nice! Would recommend to anyone who uses medication!

Tara NR (Perth, AU)
Great for your handbag

I love the lilac Dosey easy pouch. It goes really easily in my handbag & I can carry all my meds. I like that it looks like a makeup bag so no one would know it’s for my meds. It’s super pretty & I would love the pink one as well.

Zoey D.
Wellness Wallet for Travel & Everyday Use

I absolutely LOVE this wellness wallet! I keep one in my work bag and have it filled with emergency meds and then another I use for all types of travel! It helps keep me organized which can be difficult when you take multiple meds a day.

Kate (Brisbane, AU)
Wow my chronic illness just became cooler to manage

I love this! Looks like a purse, beautiful lilac colour and great quality. Very happy with my purchase!