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The Dosey Kit Sage

I purchased the Dosey Kit and Flask.
I love them. I originally purchased them to use when travelling but I can definitely see I’ll be using them much more more than that.
I had to contact customer service about a query I had and found them to be very helpful and prompt.
I was also very happy with delivery time.

Dosey pouch

Very happy with my dosey pouch, best thing I’ve ever bought 😊

Ready and waiting

This is a game changer for me I pack them with all the medication I have and don’t have to worry about it for ages They are packed in easy to access pouches I can take at home or through in my back to have on the go The Pill case is cut sitting on the dresser and holds so many pouches I try to do two weeks at a time and there is still room to add more if I wanted to Love them!!!

Love the item

Has made taking my numerous medications a breeze

Daily Kit
Helen Bebbington

Daily Kit

Daily Kit
Pamela Rightmyer
Perfect gift!

I bought for a friend rather than myself so I can only say that she was thrilled to receive the kit and very impressed with the quality.

Easy Slide Pill Pouch Pack
Dr. Yarelis Cartagena
Love it

The product works wonders and it’s very organized

14-Day or AM PM Pill Purse + Pill Pouches

Great little pill purse

Love my new purchase, ordering was easy and my delivery was quick and my pill purse is a great little purse to hold your pills, love it


Having a subtle purse to keep medications all neatly packed in correct doses and varying amounts is a life saver for me. Safe secure and discreet, this little time saver makes you feel less like a patient and more like the owner of a luxury item.

Stylish & Functional

I love my new pill purse. It stores not only my daily tablets but has the perfect pouch for any extra medication I might need. Simple to use, great quality and absolutely beautiful.

Daily Kit
The cutest medicine boxes ever

I absolutely love this so much I had to order the set. I have one of the zippered ones for travel and I love it so much I had to order the box and another because you know…. Options!!!!

Easy compact

I love my 14 day pill pack . I can slip in purse when traveling. No longer hack to pack previous pill carrier.

Perfect pill pouch

Absolutely love this pill pouch and I am using it as a companion to the bigger pouch for the morning and night Dosey.

Game changing!

Toss the ugly pill containers away and upgrade to these very convenient and chic pill pouch kits! I love mine and recommend it to anyone on the go! Very sturdy, great color choices. It’s about time taking pills/vitamins make your feel good on the outside too!

Pill Box
So Pretty on my Counter

This pill box is just what I was looking for to make taking my medicine more appealing. It looks so much better than a pill bottle on my bathroom counter.

So easy and clever for travelling

Love this !! Such a stylish and practical way to carry medications and vitamins when away from home.

Easy Slide Pill Pouch Pack
Rosemary Andrews
Excellent item

Such a useful thing to have if you take regular medication. I’m even thinking about getting the fortnightly organiser as well

The Flask
Life saver!

I either forget to take a water bottle when I leave the house or trying to fit it in my bag is a major inconvenience, so having the flask is a perfect solution as I always have some water on me for when I need to take my medications when out and about. It has truly been a life saver as there are no more missed doses of medications throughout my day.

These are the best things we have purchased really handy

A must have!

I got the pill case, wallet and extra pill pouches for my daughter's medication. We love it! So much better to keep them in and easy to take a one dose out and put in the wallet if we're out and about doing errands!

Love these!

Something so simple yet effective and perfectly constructed. Nice option to carry meds compact if on the go and can't carry something bigger for meds.

Great product

Really love this. It’s so beautiful- and much better than keeping my pills in a plastic container

Love it

The box is cute to sit on my dresser and the little bags are nice to grab and take with me for the day.